A brief introduction

An integrated European response to the needs of the Malian internal security forces...

EUCAP Sahel Mali is a European Union civilian mission based in Bamako, Mali. It was launched on 15 January 2015, following an official invitation by the Malian government to assist the internal security forces with reasserting the government's authority over the whole of the country, following the 'Northern Mali Crisis' that left large parts of the country under the control of various factions.

The crisis has also highlighted the need to improve governance practices and institutional capacities to enable the people of Mali to exercise their rights in full, including the right to security and justice. Reinstating security and lasting peace in Mali is of crucial importance for Africa and Europe. EUCAP Sahel Mali is an important element of the regional approach taken in the European Union strategy for security and development in the Sahel.

The mission provides experts in strategic advice and training to the Malian Police, Gendarmerie and National Guard and the relevant ministries in order to support reform in the security sector. EUCAP Sahel Mali supports the desire of the Malian state to modernise its security forces and enable them to respond more effectively to the need for protection of the entire Malian population throughout the country. It constitutes an important element of the regional approach in the European Union's security and development strategy for the Sahel.

The current Head of Mission is Philippe RIO.