Workshop on the role of Women in Security in Ségou


Following the various links developed within the framework of the decentralised actions of the EUCAP Sahel Mali Mission, a workshop on “The role of women in security in Ségou” took place on Tuesday 11 April 2017 in Ségou between Women’s associations, the regional authorities, the Police, the Gendarmerie and the National Guard.

This initiative was carried out in support of the activities of the Regional Directorate for the Promotion of Women, Children and the Family and the Association for the Advancement and Defence of Women’s Rights and the Women’s Associations of Ségou.

The opening of the workshop was chaired by Mr. Issaka BATIDI, ex-prefect of Niono and Adviser to the Governor of Ségou, in the presence of the Regional Director of the National Police, the representative of the Prosecutor of the Republic at the Tribunal de Grande Ségou and President of RECOTRAD, Mr KOUYATE.

The meeting focused on UN Security Council Resolution 1325, which saw the importance of strengthening mechanisms for linking women’s organisations and the security forces in the region. This text deals with women, peace and security, with particular emphasis on the protection of women but also on its participation in the fight against terrorism and insecurity as well as the development of peace.

The active participation of each of the participants highlighted the large interest of the regional authorities and institutions, the Internal Security Forces (FSI) and the women’s associations to make advantage of this opportunity so that the different actors of Segovia security ensemble initiate a dialogue around local particularities and explore joint initiatives.

The objectives expressed in relation to the place of women in the security of the region aims at greater involvement of women in decision-making and regional mechanisms by forging links between ISPs, institutions and women. The aim is to combine their efforts in favour of security and the implementation of the peace process. It is also about strengthening communication between women and ISPs in order to fight together against gender-based violence. Finally, the aim was to enlighten women on the role they can play in the prevention of violent extremism and terrorism.

The day after the workshop, the EUCAP team informed the Governor of Ségou of the work carried out; he is in favour of any initiative that could help achieve these goals and to make the contribution of women to security in the region even more important.




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