Official delivery of the 2016 project to the National Guard

Sport and computer equipment donated by EUCAP Sahel Mali

Wednesday, November 30, 2016, Chief of Staff of the National Guard officially received from the EUCAP Sahel Mali Head of Mission the key to the classroom built by the mission. The handover ceremony took place in the presence of numerous senior officers of the National Guard, and other Forces and representatives of ministerial departments. Mali’s international partners were also present at the School of the Garde Nationale.

The reception ceremony symbolises, according to the Chief of Staff of the Guard, Colonel Ouahoun KONE, the coronation of partnership and the close link between EUCAP and the Malian National Guard.

The gym of the Garde Nationale has been completely renovated and equipped with quality sports equipment. A framework that will serve, according to the CEM of the Guard, to all three Forces of Mali. Colonel Ouahoun KONE expressed his gratitude to the European mission while committing to making good use of this gift and to the Head of Mission EUCAP to add that the mission supports Mali in terms of training and advice of these cadres; “The gymnasium thus renovated and equipped will also maintain the health of the body”.

For a total cost of 80 million CFA francs, the National Guard has benefited from an equipped classroom and an office for instructors which has also been equipped with computer equipment and office furniture.

“We have come with the mandate to support the Security Forces and the mission EUCAP Sahel Mali expresses in its own way the great effort of the EU to stabilise Mali. We have come to work with you over the long term and these projects are appendices to all this. It is an expression of the closeness between the officers of EUCAP and those of the Guard “. These were the words of His Excellency Mr. Albrecht CONZE, Head of Mission EUCAP Sahel Mali; remarks to welcome and encourage collaboration between the mission and the Malian National Guard.

During the ceremony, acknowledgement was also made of other achievements in the regional capitals of Mali for the benefit of the three Forces.


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