EUCAP Training Continues

One month of training for gendarmes, policemen and guards from Mali

From 23d January to the 17th February, the three Malian internal security forces followed the four-week general training organised by EUCAP Sahel Mali. During the four weeks, each module of a week-long allowed the participants to learn and exchange experiences with European trainers and between themselves.


6 police officers and 15 gendarmes received coaching; for the police, intermediate training and for the benefit of the gendarmes, close proximity training.

The various modules enable the internal security forces (FSI) to be reinforced through training and practical exercises on management, ethics, general public security, human resources, law enforcement, counter-terrorism , Judicial police and border security, etc.

Wednesdays are usually reserved for discussion sessions on Human Rights and Gender issues. Group exercises allow the FSIs to give their own definitions of Human Rights and open the debate to vindicate the combinations of law-religion-culture in society. The objectives of the course were to understand and define the characteristics and principles of Human Rights. It is also about achieving the link between Human Rights and work within the Internal Security Forces (FSI) and applying the principle of equality and non-discrimination within FSIs.


Ceremonies for the certificate parade took place on Friday 17th February 2017. The mission was strongly encouraged by representatives of the 3 forces to continue its training activities beneficial to the FSIs. The trainees, diplomas in hand, made a commitment to share their achievements with the other members of their respective units.

In addition, from 6-17th February 2017, MINUSMA and EUCAP Sahel Mali jointly trained 14 officers of the National Guard of Mali in Protection of High Personalities (PHP).


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