EUCAP Sahel Mali celebrates its second year of operation in Mali

On January 26, 2017, EUCAP Sahel Mali celebrated its completion of the second year of support the Malian Internal Security Forces. The European Mission, which has been extended for a further two years, will continue to support the modernization of the Police, the Gendarmerie, National Guard and will further strengthen its support for recruitment, counter-terrorism and border management. EUCAP is also considering extending its activities to other regions of Mali.

On Thursday, 26 January 2017, the l’Ecole de Maintien de la Paix in Bamako served as the setting for the celebration of the second anniversary of the European Union civil mission EUCAP Sahel Mali. The Malian authorities, ambassadors of diplomatic representations and all the actors supporting Mali in the process of ending the crisis and restoring security were present at this important gathering. In his address, the Head of Mission, Mr Albrecht CONZE, gave an overview of the activities carried out by the mission and paid tribute to the reform efforts of the Ministries of Security, Defence, Justice and finally the Ministry of Territorial Administration, Decentralization and Reform of the State.

Since the beginning of operation, the mission has trained 1896 Students of the Internal Security Forces, including 1221 trained in 2016. In 2016, 44 trainers were trained to ensure the transfer of knowledge. 172 executives participated in joint EUCAP-MINUSMA training courses in areas such as the judicial police and technical and scientific police, the protection of high personalities and documentary fraud. EUCAP also collaborated with UNESCO to train 120 people in freedom of the press and protection of journalists.

For the team of EUCAP Sahel Mali, 2016 was a year of the discovery of Mali. In 2015, trainers and advisers extended their area of operation to cover the cities and regions of Kayes, Ségou and Sikasso; providing more opportunities for police, gendarmes and guards serving in the interior to benefit from the presence of the mission In Mali. Activities in the regions were welcomed by the Minister of Security who recognised the “eminently important role played by the mission EUCAP Sahel Mali”.


The persistence of the terrorist threat is one of the great concerns of the Malians. At the request of Malian officials, EUCAP Sahel Mali supported the creation of two new specialised units: the Police Intervention Unit (GIPN) and the Joint Police-Gendarmerie Counter-Terrorism Judicial Specialised Investigation Uni). EUCAP also participated in the review of the National Border Policy and supported the Delegation of the European Union in the preparation of the PARSEC (Fiduciary Fund) program to strengthen security in the central regions of Mali.

The Head of Mission took advantage of this day to present an edition supported by EUCAP of the Criminal Code and the Code of Criminal Procedure to certain Malian officials including the Minister of Security and the representative of the Minister of Justice.





Mission’s mandate extended to 2019

The mandate of the mission was extended by two years to 2019. A budget of € 29.7 million has been allocated for the period from 15 January 2017 to 14 January 2018. As part of its new mandate, the priorities in 2017 remain the training and advice of the Malian and Malian GUFs. Support at the level of the Directorates and Ministries, particularly for the management of Human Resources as well as the implementation of the RSS process. In 2017, EUCAP will strengthen its support for recruitment, counter-terrorism and border management. The Mission will increase its actions in the regions. For the first time, EUCAP and MINUSMA will jointly deliver training in central regions such as Gao and Mopti. This will be a first step in strengthening the necessary deployment of Malian ISPs to these regions. The Mission will also implement projects in 2017 worth 2.8 million Euros.


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