Strategic advice

EUCAP Sahel Mali advises internal security forces and relevant departments to implement the security sector reform in Mali. The EUCAP advisors help their Malian counterparts to improve their national strategy for human resources, to modernise management practices and control of their services, and successfully recruiting new staff within the Police, the Gendarmerie and the National Guard.

EUCAP HR experts collaborate with the Ministry of Security, the Ministry of Defence and the commanders of the forces to develop:
– a human resources database;
– an employment policy and staff management database;
– a baseline for staffing;
– a skills-based staff recruitment policy;
– operational management methods to help restore hierarchical links;
– audit and inspection units within the general forces inspectorate.
The mission is helping to set up a master plan for training, overhaul initial training (structures and content) and relaunch continuing training.


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